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This listing is for THREE imperfect pins, keychains, charms or jewelry (earrings, necklaces), chosen at random, based on availability. 

They are presented in blind box packaging and would make a really fun gift! Grab one for yourself, or a friend - or to share! 


Due to the limited quantities available and super discount: you will not be able to choose which items you get. You may receive items not pictured. Items in the pack are likely to be from the Geo collections, but other items may be included. Photos are of regular quality items, to be used for design reference only. Photos do not show the imperfections. 

We will do our best to ensure you do not receive duplicates of any designs if you order multiple packs. 

Items may have varied packaging, but all items will include some style of backer, pins will all come with rubber caps, and earrings will all come with metal and/or plastic caps. 


Imperfections may vary but could include:

  • inconsistent surface
  • debris in enamel
  • scratches in enamel or metal plating
  • inconsistent edge plating/color
  • incorrect enamel colors (wrong colors produced, may not have anything else wrong)
  • recessed enamel pockets on hard enamel pins
  • enamel discoloration
  • irregular sizing (wrong sized produced, may not have anything else wrong)
  • incorrect style (wrong production method used, may not have anything else wrong)

These items are sold as-is and are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges.