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Reel Love

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  • 1.25" Wide
  • 3D Molded Lapel Pin
  • Antique Nickel Plating
  • Attached to a foil-stamped card and secured with a heart-shaped rubber cap
  • Placed in a plastic sleeve
  • Locking Cap Included as an extra secure option


This little beauty was born of love and movies. My first job was at a vintage art house movie theater and I continued managing theaters in California and Texas for about 5 years after. I've met some of my favorite people and closest friends (including my husband!), while working in theaters, so they hold a special place in my heart.

My sweet pal Angela, whom I met in my first theater, also met her husband at said theater - and this was a little dream pin idea she shared with me. I loved the thought so much - I immediately began illustrating this pin and we brought it to life together. Movies have brought so much love into our lives and this is just a little token of that love.

I loved working as a projectionist and would intentionally grow out my finger nails each week, to achieve what I referred to as "Thursday Nails"- to assist with peeling off the splicing tape when building and breaking down the prints at changeover each Thursday night. The prints would arrive at the theater on a series of reels, which would have to be assembled properly and placed on a platter, to run through the projector in one continuous thread. I spent many late Thursday nights previewing the films I'd built to ensure everything was in order!