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Heart Shaped Rubber Pin Caps

Regular price $5.00

Custom heart-shaped rubber pin caps! These are just like your standard rubber pin caps, but in my custom heart shape and some of my favorite colors.

Each one is approximately 15mm wide by 13mm tall and will fit securely on a standard lapel pin nail.


Though these caps are just as secure as any rubber cap, it is highly advised to avoid prolonged wear on any garment/bag which does not grant the wearer full view of the pin or which may cause the pin to be caught on straps, etc. We are not responsible for loss of pins due to improper application and do no guarantee that these caps will fully prevent a lapel pin from becoming unsecured during extended wear.

PLEASE NOTE: these small rubber items may vary slightly in any batch. The "handle" heights and shapes are not guaranteed to be exactly the same on each piece.